RegCure Consumer Review: Forget What Others Say, This is the Words You Have to Hear About RegCure

Published: 31st July 2009
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RegCure from Pareto Logic is probably one of the most popular alternative registry cleaners out there like Perfect Optimizer (Fix Tool) or Registry Fix. What is not to like about it? Pareto Logic claims that it can cure your mysterious PC freeze symptom and optimize your PC to multiple times. Wow, an outstanding ability for a single software doesn't it? But the problem is does RegCure deliver what it promises? With thousands of internet marketers promoting this product, it better should. But anyway, empty all of your presumptions from your mind because this is the real story about RegCure.

I started my testing process by downloading it. The downloading process was very easy as the installation file itself was only 2 Megabytes in size and only needed less than 10 Megabytes after installation. Honestly, I am always quite critical when downloading any software that has size this small. Because in the time when programming language becomes more complex, we should question ourselves "does the programming language within that tiny space quite adequate enough to make it run smoothly with no glitches?" This is a no-DOS era that left us with sophisticated programming language and even more problems to solve.

Continue to the interface, the screen offers a very simple navigation that is both uninspiring and bland. You will be welcome with big scanning button in the main menu area. With this button, you can conduct an instant registry scanning and optimization process to find errors. But unfortunately if you download RegCure trial version, Pareto Logic does not allow you to do any repairing and optimizing activity after scanning. This will definitely leave you wanting even more especially after it shows you an alarmingly large number of errors in your registry and inform you how critical the condition is. But in my experience, what are informed as errors are not necessarily actual errors. They can be false positives which mean there is nothing wrong there. And this is when a registry cleaner's integrity is tested.

At the time I scanned my system, RegCure found 1,254 problems. I compare this result with the top registry cleaner software and found very different results. TuneUp Utilities only spotted 119 problems, Ashampoo Winoptimizer found 126 registry related problems, and System Mechanics found 139 problems. All software consistently inform that there are only less than 150 registry problems. Could these well known, long running registry software be all missed what RegCure finds? You should suspect there are so many false positives there. Regarding this matter, I recommend you to prioritize registry cleaners and system optimizers with fully functional features in their trial versions. This way, you can prove that what they claim as errors can be cleaned and optimized safely and not just false positives.

The thing you should take into consideration when running a registry cleaner is that the activity or operation you conduct with that kind of software is around altering your registry entries. Due to its activity in the most important aspect of your Windows, you should know for sure how the engine works, how the algorithm inside the program works. Thus, once again it is why to have a taste of how the repairing, cleaning, and optimization process undergo before you buy the software is important. Unfortunately, RegCure does not provide you with fully functioning program in its trial version.

From the features point of view, RegCure does not offer anything more than registry cleaning features. RegCure only offers three kinds of function: Registry scanning and repairer feature, backup feature, and last Startup function. It's a shame because if your intention of buying a registry cleaner is to speed up your PC, you are wrong to pick up RegCure. This is not going to make that happens because simply there are so many aspects that slows down your computer. Registry is only a small part of it. Among others, there are also fragmentation disk problem and suboptimal Windows settings. Thus, if PC optimization is what drives you through this whole process of registry cleaner hunting, you should consider the package with at least Windows setting optimization features inside the box.

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